Midday Murder

Some “poor sap” around 19, came into the subway I was eating at. He sat down close to me, started coughing and when I didn’t look up he told me, ” Sorry, I just had to get out of the heat!” I said “that’s ok” very plainly. He stayed there for a bit as I ate my six inch sliced turkey on wheat but when he realized I’m the heartless asshole I am, he moved on to the next person. She buys him what he wants. Happy I don’t have this dog peering at me begging for scraps any more, I continue to eat my sandwich nibbling on my jalapeno chips. Halfway finished with my lunch he sits right next to me and pretends to pray with enthusiasm. An overjoyed hallelujah here, a couple loud amens there. The duration of the prayer lasted longer than your average midday grace. I’m not saying he isn’t genuine, but my bullshit meter red-lined as soon as he walked in. I’m sure this joker is able to work. He walked in here expecting someone to buy him food and knew he’d end up with a free lunch. He’s worked this con before and he knew I knew!

I slowly ate, then checked the news on my phone while this bottom feeder ate. He began to put his trash in the sandwich bag, as did I. I exited the restaurant making sure I dawdled just long enough for him to notice me again.
I’m in my late twenties but look a few ears younger. I give off the aura of a do-gooder with my innocent smile but it’s all a facade!
He’s following me now. I walk a couple of blocks then turn down an ally like I’m taking a short-cut back to work. He yells out, “Can I bum a smoke, friend!” There’s something sinister in his voice! I think he might want to do me harm. I shakily feign, “Sure mister, as long as you’ve got the light!” I walk up to him pretending to check each of my pockets for a pack of cigarettes that aren’t there. I’m right up on him and he swings! He gets his fist even with his face, when he realizes there’s a blade stuck in his abdomen. The look on his face is disbelieve, then a slight chuckle, “Shark in sheep’s clothing.” His dying words.
I just leave the body where it fell! Albuquerque is dangerous with various gangs, vagrants, and drunks! The cops are understaffed and ran thin here. This will easily go unsolved. It will only make the news because it’s downtown!


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