Slam Poetry! (Urban Verse)

I don’t particularly care for Slam Poetry. I think i’d rather suffer through a sports game, than to listen to two angry youths spit colorful words at each other. I don’t consider slam poetry, poetry at all! I’d rather people call slam poetry, Urban Verse. There is a quote about slam poetry on Wikipedia

I can’t bear these accounts I read in the Times and elsewhere of these poetry slams, in which various young men and women in various late-spots are declaiming rant and nonsense at each other. The whole thing is judged by an applause meter which is actually not there, but might as well be. This isn’t even silly; it is the death of art” –Harold Bloom [13]

I completely agree with Harold Bloom, however… I must have had an out-of-body experience or was possessed by a Slam Poet’s ghost, because earlier I wrote a poem (urban verse) in the style of slam poetry(urban verse) |It will catch on!|…
I really think it is a great piece but I’m almost ashamed of even writing it. On the other hand, the piece politely trash talks the unsightly menace that is slam poetry(urban verse).

I want to hear from you.

What do you think about slam poetry and the effects it has on the youth who perform it?
Do you think it’s a slightly better alternative to a rap battle or the same?
What are your open opinions about slam poetry?


2 thoughts on “Slam Poetry! (Urban Verse)

  1. I don’t care much for slam poetry myself. Now, I will say that I have heard a few slam poets perform in coffee shop, and it wasn’t judged by applause, and it wasn’t a competition, and I did enjoy it. But as a whole, people spewing nonsensical rhymes with so much angst, anger, and vehemence is unappealing and atrociious. Not much better than a rap battle at all; it just has a more artistic vibe (think of people saying “hey come watch me at this slam poetry contest” versus “hey I’m gonna be in a rap battle) so people feel more special/cool.

    1. I agree. Given the choice between a poetry slam and a rap battle, I’d rather have my nonexistent child go to a slam. I would think a slam would be a tad bit better of an environment for impressionable minds.(maybe)

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