The Sting Of Pain

In the elegant stylings of Johnny Cash, intertwined with depraved poets everywhere, I bring you an original poem not only of southern sadness but of a sadness experienced by countless individuals across the world (which isn’t all entirely bad). Listen to Johnny Cash’s songs “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” and/or “Hurt” for the rhythm.

Black flapping feathers
Of misery
Come towards me in a rage
I don’t think I’ll live
To tell the tale
To the tame

Life’s been so busy and mean
It’s hard to tell right from wrong
I’ve never been one to blame
Anyone but myself

I’ve always accepted the pain
That goes along with love
But in the end
There’s only one thing
That never seems to quit

Death runs deep
Selling seats to the pit
I found a hole in the heart of my soul
It goes all the way down
Into the deep


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