Darkly Driven

The fingers of time reach out
To my already addled mind
With frighteningly sadistic tricks
Branching out to a nightmarish hell
Peeling away layer after layer
Of my sanity
All for a laugh
I’m shaking with fear
As the wind in my soul quakes
What torment have I deserved
Who is the forger of dark dreams
Try as I might
I cannot wake from the prison I live

Grief stricken and hungry for fresh death
Ravens flock to peck away my consciousness
Feeding on my will to survive
I violently jerk away
In an attempt to flee the ever growing swarm
But in the distance
I hear an all horrifying howl
The death-eating demons scatter at the sound
I run desperately to a lone lamp
In a vast void of despair
Hoping for sanctuary
The wind carries a demon of sand
Bearing down and engulfing me
I choke on memories of a lifetime
Over-filled and flooded with pain
I drown in my own life
Before having one last moment of



4 thoughts on “Darkly Driven

      1. menomama3

        I love writing poetry using the same kind of technique. A photo or a word that sounds interesting. Sometimes I start out with one idea and then by trying to find the right word, end up going somewhere completely different.

        This is a really powerful piece. I like the “…vast void of despair”.

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