False Destiny

John, A manic depressive, contemplates suicide by intentionally driving off a bridge while intoxicated. Dillon, A depressingly delectable yet predictable young fool, only wishes for death but is too afraid to commit the act himself. By some random chance or by a cosmic force yet to be discovered, these two men meet in a stormy nightmare of doubt and desire. John and Dillon, through the act of dark magic and sorcery, trade lives in a mad attempt to appease their own dark desires. John takes on his new life with hesitation and reserve, thinking out every detail with precise measure and stability. He knows the ups and downs of life and prepares by saving as much money as he can afford. When it comes time, John retires from the working world for a well off life of leisure, in some far away paradise with his wife and two kids. Dillon, on the other hand, takes to his new life with such ferocity that he becomes addicted to the fast paced nightlife of the city. Dillon hits it big with some hard hitters in the crime world. They make Dillon an offer for employment. Dillon accepts, only to regret his quick decision years later, when his only child accidently shoots himself. Dillon’s wife never forgives him and one day murders him in his sleep.


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