Underfunded Compassion

Reflected pain
Mirrored back through the lids
Contains no more hate
Than you can stand
But just enough anxiety
For you to seek professional help
You take the medication
Every day you can remember
Soon family gets involved
Because you’ve caused a scene
And the neighbors called the police
They take you kicking and screaming to the ER
For suicidal thoughts
You tell them you’re fine
But the doctor disagrees
Nurses whisper and snicker
Three hours later
You ask for a cup of ice water
An hour later you get warm apple juice
And a choice
Calm down or get a shot
You ask when you can leave
Security comes
Temper’s flare
Restraints tied
You get discharged groggy and confused
At 3:00 a.m.
With no ride home


Please support great mental health for you and everyone you know. You never know who around you might be going through a difficult situation. Mental Health in America needs more attention. It’s underfunded and in most cases, in first contact situations, staff members are inexperienced in dealing with mental instability. Please be patient and understanding with people.


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