Jan, 8, 2014. Times Record News Paper
Horoscope. 5B
Scorpio   (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)
“Share your thoughts and engage in functions
that will bring you in contact with creative
free-thinkers. it’s a good day to make
unusual lifestyle changes that will improve
your emotional well-being.”

Well That’s rubbish! I don’t want to be social. I am not social and refuse to engage in functions ,that will force me to socialize with ego-eccentric hordes of free-thinking, un-bathed, new age hipsters that truly believe they are awesome because of how they dress. My emotional state is far from fine, but being in a crowded room full of idiots will not help it any. I’d rather have 2 weeks off,read a book, and then go mad from having so much time on my hands…..On the other hand, I have been a bit off lately… perhaps in a month or so when I’m in another state (New Mexico), I will enjoy  the company of people who are not so damn simple minded.


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