I’m working on a chapbook with some new and old poetry. I’ve got about 20 poems in a word document so far. I will be adding some more that I have on paper soon and probably taking a few more that are already in the document, out. Some of them are just so… meh. This post is mainly a F.Y.I kind of thing.IMG_20140106_213211(((( Oh don’t mind the picture of my new notebook…Just admiring it’s newness while it lasts, they seem to go so fast. ))))Another thing I am working on is finishing a short story I almost abandoned and ePublishing it along with some of my poetry.  Formatting the word doc for the epublishing site seems so hard. There is an ebook they give you but it’s not exactly a step by step process that is easy to read. There are lots of opinions and jargon throughout. Oh well, I will push through it.


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