Breathing New Mexico

26 years I’ve lived in Arkansas, breathing the country air of a small town. There have been bad times, with a few good ones in the mix, just to shake things up.
A promise forgotten by my younger self, remembered by a more learn’d version of that hopeful boy. One day, I will see the sights and breathe the air of untraveled paths, forging a new destiny for myself and my love.
But like all things trivial, I had to make way for more important and pressing things ,like growing up and paying rent.
I know next to nothing about New Mexico, so why not move there huh? I’ve heard it has the sights , culture, and background to fill anyone’s fancy. In nearly one months time , I will be making the journey to the Western frontier of the American dream, in search for a better life for me and mine.


15 thoughts on “Breathing New Mexico

  1. New Mexico is beautiful. The skies are breathtaking and the people are real and passionate. There’s Albuquerque (ABQ) and then there are Santa Fe and Taos. I’ve met people who settled in New Mexico on a whim years ago, and still live there.

  2. Oh, wow…

    I lived in Alburquerque from the ages of 7 and 11 – the Four Hills subdivision. One of the only good things that came of my childhood was spending time in our property in the Sandia mountains and catching lizards with the boy next door.

    I haven’t been back in so many years…it’s still on my list of places I want to revisit.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy it….

    Thanks for the follow. I’m going to return the favor. Would love to hear how you like N.M.


    1. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on my thoughts about New Mexico. Once I get there , I will start to explore the area and write about my time in New Mexico vs Arkansas.I foresee lots of pictures as well lol…Thanks for the follow back and the comment.

  3. Travellin’ man, then. We do a lot of that, Downunder, people moving between States. Probably because we have only 7 and you have 2,403 (at last count!), so the distances within ours are greater and in order to say you’ve travelled you have to go interState! 😀

  4. Good luck, Kevin and thanks for the follow.
    I was actually thinking of moving to Arkansas at one point. I explored Northwest Arkansas…very pretty area and I actually found the people to be quite nice in that friendly midwestern way. I’ll be interested in how you like New Mexico.

    1. I’m very near the Northwestern part of the state. It’s very beautiful in Autumn. I would say Arkansas is a great place to retire or raise childern but just starting out in life, it’s hard to catch a break. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  5. My older son (he’s eleven) has been obsessed with Arkansas for several years (two years ago, he threw a party on Arkansas birthday and invited family and friends…it was cute!)

    I lived in New Mexico for nine years growing up. We lived in the northwest part of the state, but traveled over much of the state to visit family. There’s something to see just about anywhere you go. I hope you like it!

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