Red Fence

Someone broke into our home
While we were sleeping
Woken by a loud thud
The door kicked in
Loud enough to wake the neighbors
But it didn’t
We moved from a one road town
To a neighborhood with dingy unlit streets
I knew it would happen
Sooner or later
Two masked villains
Terrorizing our lives
One armed with stupidity
And Liquid courage
Slowed down by the ignorance
That comes with a fatherless childhood
He pulled a pistol from his pants
Looking me in the face
I silently mouthed
The words
You fool
Before pulling the trigger
And unleashing
A life changing event
He ran before he knew
How bad it was
He made it to our white picket fence
And stained it with red
I grabbed my wife’s dish towels
To help
Inches from death
He told me it was
Just a T.V.
That I should of stayed upstairs
Inches from death
I called him a fool
Those were the last words
He heard
And that was the last time
I used the word


14 thoughts on “Red Fence

  1. thank you….. In the south,though it may not be grammaticaly correct “should of, could of, would of” is a common way of saying we should have done something different in a given situation. Also this is art expressed by words. Excluding very common typos, this poem is exactly as the artist meant it to be. The reader is to judge it as a whole (like a painting) on its artistic quality, not picking it apart like a sentence with verbs, commas, nouns and periods. …..In books it is common to see many writers express ideas that are grammaticaly incorrect. like a character in a book saying “Winters were hard. Remember how long they used to be? Helping people to help themselves is great in theory, but you still gotta keep’em alive.” – world war z

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