Bloody Tears

Light brushes his hair
He adjusts his stance
In preparation for a talk
He reads like an Edgar Allan poem
Mysterious and dark
You know there’s despair looming
But yet you continue

The closer I get
The more his face turns rigid
Hints of gloom leak through
There is no confusion now
I expect the worse
Death has taken my beloved
Life has escaped and retreated
Into a new body-birthing hope

He looks me in the eyes
His face begs forgiveness
I try to stay strong
But the very act opens a dam
Flooding my face with escaping love

The burly man hugs me
And lets out
A bellow
I can only describe as
A dying whale
We share this moment of grief in agony
Wishing it never was
Praying for strength

People Stare
A passerby shh’s us
I ignore them
I know they are ignorant
To my pain
And someday
They will feel the heartache of loss
Everyone does
At some point


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