Revisiting Winter

Winter washed eyes
School dismissed at 11:30
In that small Southern town
Round the red brick corner
With a friend
Spotting, counting
Three inch fluffy flakes of
Dancing happily in the air
Ever increasing in size
And number
Twenty feet away
Through the busy field of snowfall
My friend and I see
A jaw dropping marvel
A white Titan
Sailing through the air
Caught in an updraft of magic
It floats powerfully but also elegantly
Demanding attention and respect
Childlike wonder and amazement
Take the both of us
Caught up in the moment
We point and gaze at this
Gift of nature
We would surely be out of school for
With this sort of snow
We watch as this giant contorts
Thinking it’s too heavy to support itself
-Then it changes- plummeting to the ground
Reality sets in- a plastic bag
Infiltrated our hearts
Disguised as our winter-time
In disappointment we both greet the trickery with
Twelve year old discontent
Then immediately relive the moment
By retelling it to each other
Forever trapping the moment in memory.


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