In The Streets Of Sin

Here is an excerpt from a short story I’m writing. This one however, I plan to self-ePublish. So as soon as it’s ready and on the market(will be a while), I will let you know. It’s based off my poem  Southeast Wind. Please let me know what you think and if anyone has any critiques or applause, feel free to give me what you’ve got. Thank you followers for the time you grant me.

With a powerful harshness to his voice, he demanded to be seen. He didn’t like to be kept waiting by men like this, rude, arrogant, rapists.  They were the lowest of the low, the receptionists of this dark sinful town, the go-getters, the scum on the bottom of your boot.

I wanted to see the boss and no one would get in my way. I pulled out my .45 and shot the two men in the chest, they fell with a thud, hitting the floor dead. I sat down in one of the chairs, perhaps waiting a little more patiently than before. Thirty seconds went by and the bosses door opened. Another rapist said the boss would see me now. I said aloud, ” I figured that would get his attention.” for anyone in ear-shots benefit. I went inside expecting to find the boss a little angry I just killed two of his closest gophers, but instead he’s taking a conference call. I set in a chair on the far side of the office. I didn’t like being near him. Anytime anyone got near the boss, they felt the pure evil he represented. Negative energies radiated from him like waves of insanity filling you full of hatred, anger, and greed. As soon as he ended the call, he looked in my direction and started on this long speech about how I needed to fall in line and do what I’m told. I just stared blankly at him the whole time and didn’t even blink. I grew tired of his rantings and tired of this desolate town that was dealing in corruption. I wanted out and out is what I would get, one way or another!

“Are you even listening to me! I should just take you down stairs right now and see how you like it! Is that what this is all about, do you want to go to Hell before your time?”

I unholstered my .45 again. “You see this, I can blow my head to pieces right now and send myself to your fiery pit! If I wanted to go so bad, I would have sent myself right when I sold my soul to you. You’ve already got my soul, but you can’t take my free will, and I will spend every breath making your own existence Hell!”

“I have to admit, you have balls John but I think you forget that I am The Lucifer, not just some minor Devil making deals for fun. I’ve got a war to win and I need every soul I can get my hands on, preferably souls I can use.  John, I granted you god-like powers so you can take what you want from this town and in return, you help me with what these petty humans can’t help with…


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