Southeast Wind

This dark desolate town
I’m done with it
I’m tired of seeing the same boring predictable faces
It’s nothing but druggers, dealers, and drabs
All selling their souls for a piece of the action
The game is corruption
And business is booming
Innocents lost in the streets of sin
Killed by rapists, murderers, and gamblers
They all deal in death
Whether it be
Your soul, your life or your possessions

In this town, it’s hard to keep clean
We’ve all been there or thought about being there
I was there once
I sold my soul
But fought the devil to get it back
I’ve been fighting every day to keep it
That’s the currency around here
You can’t get a decent meal in town
Unless you’ve corrupted at least one person worth a damn

That’s why I’m packing my bags and leaving
I’ve outgrown this town
And everything it stands for
I’ve lived here all my life
But never really called it home


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