My Friend

To you my friend,
I traveled with

Listening to your stories told
I loved a long and weary road
I imagined myself long ago
Wearing down a grassy road
Plodding through the undergrowth
Of some kindly shady grove

But I’ve become lost in time
Searching for that
illustrious treasure-trove

I’ve lived a long and weary road
As my soul gets weak and old
I’ve learned there’s no time
to search for fool’s gold

As sure as time doth unfold
I’m deep within
A wondrous hole
Longing for stories told
Of that happy grassy road

The first poem I fell in love with when I was a child was Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken. The poem led me into a world of thought that I’ve never escaped from( not that I’ve tried). It took me places beyond my little small town, seeing the world through eyes of realists and imaginators alike. From the moment I heard the title, I fell in love with words and have never stopped yearning for the knowledge of the kosmos. One day I hope to read a piece of literature that truly opens my eyes to something new and magical like The Road Not Taken did when I was a younger.


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