Yellow Memories

I fell in love with the trees
The grass and the steam
Rising from a pond 
         to the warming morning air
Heated by sunlight      peaking through the clouds

Each morning
      on a       bumpy dusty road

Brown leather bench seats
Comfortably fitting two
But I sat alone
       Enjoying the window view
I may not of known how to tie my shoe
But I sure as hell
                  could appreciate the view

Each time we passed the scene 
I knew it was mine
No one else admired it like me
No one else gave it the time

Riding the bus to school was most of the time dreadful, but
at certain times of the year it was absolutely amazing. This
small pond was not viewable in small vehicles, you could only
see it from the school bus. I shared my beautiful scenery with a
wonderful class mate but she didn’t feel the same as I did about it.
She said it was just steam rising from the pond-nothing special.
It was special though, it was magical to the little boy I used to be.
It was the single best memory of school.


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