The World Darkly

When I look at the world today-I give up, we’re used up.
Monsters parade around in human masks.
Humanity is dead-gone in the wind like the dust beneath my feet.
All that’s left are the phantoms, riding serpents of death, raping
the world of life!
The thieves. The murderers. They whore themselves out for
their own personal poison, ready to kill on the slightest whim,
loving every minute.
They ride high on waves of destruction.

I was there when the world died. When the drabs took over.
They laughed and cried, pretending to be alive, fighting
each other for the tricks that didn’t want them.
They overran the streets, then the schools.
These were the hard times-the bad times.
The fools called it the fun times-you know the ones.
The ones who killed God.


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