The Rite

Here is a small excerpt from a short story I am/was writing. I haven’t decided if I should; abandon this short story like all the others I have attempted or plow through the lack of enthusiasm (on my part) and just fight my way through it kicking and screaming. I would rather take the first option but my loving albeit biased wife claims I’m a good writer(I admit I have my moments but a full length story?) pyreHowever short, short stories are, I have a handicap! I simply can not fabricate the length required in a story! My atmosphere is better suited to flights of fancy that are short and mostly not ever sweet, rather than drawn out stories about ones boring life,misdeeds and wacky adventures. There simply isn’t enough glue in the world to piece together my longer adventures. I may/may not post this crashing story on here sometime…only the ….yeah even this is starting to be too long……I will just set the scene for you.Enjoy!

This poem is more of a spell, quoted in an ancient city by three weird sisters, two magical men, and one boy who will become more than what he is.

Thunder crackles as they enter the maize.
Tis a fun time for war and pain.
Inside a circle they’ve come to claim.
Six in total. One unnamed!

Each cast a spell of verse.
As potent as a well crafted curse.

“This mark upon thy heart
is a servant of the dark.”

“The Sun is on the run.
It has begun.”

“Dark as night, the time is right.
Try to fight, you’ll lose this plight.”

“Thirty-one nights of fun.
Never try to run.”

“Charmed sight won’t save your life
Have a taste of the dark lightnings fright.”

Clouds grow dim as they all face him.
Lightning strikes thrice in the center of the rim.
Set ablaze like a phoenix reformed! He is reborn!
Spirits scream, “Claim him! Claim him!”

Fire bellowing, “You have been warned.
If you’re to survive, you mustn’t be torn.
None must follow, but all may join.
Beware of betrayal from masters scorned.

If you’re seeking fantastical fame.
Feel the power of titans untamed.
Once you emerge from the flame.
Claim your undying name.”


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