What drives you?

I want to hear from the small number of followers this blog has. What drives you to create?
What inspires you to pour your soul into a creation of beautiful words? What drives you to the brink of madness and lets you dangle on the edge of insanity? What lifts you up and never lets you down? Nature? People? Or just the madness that is your own mind? Share with others on what inspires you to be creative.Leave a comment below and enjoy the human mind.


2 thoughts on “What drives you?

  1. Nature, mostly. The everyday beauty of simple tasks or thoughts. Cloudy days and sunny skies. Sometimes people or objects. I like being able to use words to express it all, while trying to capture its essence and all that it is. It is a challenge sometimes, but when you get something worded and described just right, it makes it worth the effort. I think it is also a compulsion with me. Just a desire and urge to express things and get them down on paper.

    1. Kevin Westphal

      When I get the “desire” to express myself on paper, I don’t really choose the words, they usually just rush out and I’m left to clean and organize the jumbled mess. I know what you mean about it being a compulsion. I don’t really feel complete until I get something good on paper and when I do, I obsess over it until I get sick of looking at it.

      Thanks for commenting!

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