Midnight: Part-4

David finished his dinner as quickly as he could, then went back to his room. Trent had waited in David’s’ room until David was finished eating. They would have to wait a few hours until everyone was asleep. In the meantime, David filled Trent in on his plan. They would go deep within David’s’ fathers land, near a sloping boulder and bury the body of their beloved friend. Trent offered little conversation on the matter. David noticed Trent wasn’t looking well but David needed his help desperately. Trent would just have to man up and power through whatever was making him sick.

It was nearly midnight when David said it was time to head out. As quietly as they could, they wrapped Sarah in the blanket then rolled her up in the tarp. They then secured it all with duct tape. They carefully carried the body out the window, so as to not make a sound. Getting caught hauling off the remains of a human was not an option.

They made it to the remote section of the woods David was talking about. They unloaded the four-wheeler and started digging a grave. They were there quite some time. David insisted on making the grave a full eight feet deep. It was close to 3am now. They just finished digging, when Chad hit David with the lantern. Chad climbed out of the grave and jumped on the four-wheeler but the key was missing. Chad quickly picked the shovel back up and jumped in the grave again, assuming the middle-aged man would still be there nursing a bruised head.


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