Midnight: Part-3

Once outside in the cover of darkness, David headed towards his fathers’ shed. Once there, he grabbed a neatly folded tarp, two shovels, and a battery-powered lantern. Gathering the supplies took around fifteen minutes, David wanted to be as stealthy as possible. When David was finished he made his way back to his bedroom window, he left the two shovels and the lantern outside his window, so he could get them later but brought the tarp inside.

Once inside, David noticed Trent had all the items gathered as requested. Without further explanation, David told Trent to roll Sarah’s body over so he could put of the blankets under her and not to step in any blood while doing so. Once again Trent followed Davids’ instructions to a tee. David noticed Trent was trying to be gentle with Sarah’s arms, but didn’t point out how fruitless the act would be. Trent was too fragile ,too weak to understand Sarah wouldn’t care if anyone was being gentle with her body or not because Sarah was dead, just a lifeless husk of what was once a beautiful specimen.

They successfully maneuvered the blanket underneath her without stepping in any blood.

David then stepped over the body and positioned himself right above, with one foot on one side, and another foot on the other side, essentially straddling her cold corpse. Then strangely enough David started doing the twist. Trent asked David what he was doing. David replied, “There will be less blood this way.”


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