Midnight: Part-2

David was fairly intelligent for his age. He was at the top of his senior class, and an active member in several academic clubs. If there was a good plan to be thought of, out of these two kids, David would be the one to think of it. After about an hour of David telling Trent to shut up while he thought, David finally came up with a plan.
Davids’ expression changed from horror-stricken panic, to pure determination. In a hushed voice, David gave Trent a specific set of instructions and told him to do exactly that, no more, no less. Trent shook his head in agreement.

1.Go to my closet and grab two dark-colored blankets and a sleeping bag.

2.Go to my dresser, you’ll find some work gloves, get two pairs of them.

3.Look under my bed, get the duct tape in my tool box.

4.In my gun cabinet, there is some scent block, grab that too.

Trent started gathering the items as requested, David however, headed towards the window.
“W-what are you doing David?”
“I’m getting the rest of the shit we need!”
David quietly slipped out the window and disappeared into the darkness.


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