Police: Homeless Man Breaks Into Funeral Home, Has Sex With Corpse

Kevin Westphal:

What!! This is beyond strange!

Originally posted on 5NEWSOnline.com:

GEORGIA (LEDGER-ENQUIRER) – Georgia Police arrested a 26-year-old homeless man in a necrophilia case, according to Capt. Gordon Griswould with the Columbus Police Department.

Domonique Smith was arrested Monday (Feb. 9) and is accused of stealing a bicycle from the Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service. During the investigation of the burglary, police say they found evidence that Smith had sex with a dead woman.

If convicted, the necrophilia charge carries a prison sentence of one to 10 years.

“The investigation led us to believe he had a sexual act with the woman’s body,” Griswould said.

Griswould didn’t comment on the type of sexual act Smith allegedly performed on the body. The victim wasn’t identified, but her family has been informed of the charges and the ongoing investigation, Griswould said.

The crime is thought to have happened between 7 p.m. on Sunday (Feb. 8) and 7 a.m. on Monday (Feb. 9).

Griswould said he couldn’t…

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A Loathing Fear

A boy afraid of the darkness
Ran into the dark forest
He lived there until he was 24
When he moved back to civilization
He was only afraid of himself

A man
Afraid of nothing
Lived in the same forest for a short time
When he’d had all he could take
He emerged
Afraid of only the boy

A women entered the same dark forest
She was afraid of many things
She lived there for nearly her entire life
She moved back to civilization
Afraid of nothing!

Suicide Singer

She liked to tempt others
With threats of suicide
And watch
As they were filled with emotion
Something she herself
Could not do

Though her heart was dead
It worked perfectly
Pumping schemes into her victims tea
She bled to make it true
She lived fiercely to watch others die

Death’s Hollow Knock

When I was nine, Death came knocking.
I told him, I’ve got a future.
So much ahead, so much to do.
He let me be.
When I was Twenty-One, Death came knocking.
I told him to go away.
I just started a family.
Baby on the way.
When I was Fifty, Death came knocking.
I told him, maybe some other time.
I’ve just retired, and I get to spend more time with my wife.
Death broke in one night ,and took my wife in her sleep.
From grief, my son invited death into his home, gently caressing him while he faded.
Death came knocking.
Since we’re old friends, I told him to come in.
He asked me if I was ready yet
I told him yes
And added, You should have never given me a choice.