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A blog about the moments of inescapable realization that everything is just cosmic soup

  • out there
    out there. where the sun meets the sand where the yellow turns red and meets the big blue where the sky goes on and on and on and on… That’s where I am
  • Frank & Crowley vol. 2
    “Crowley, let me ask you a very important question.” “Sure thing Frank.”“It’s very important.” “Frank, you do realize i’m an actual demon from Hell possessing your body right now,Continue reading “Frank & Crowley vol. 2”
  • Frank & Crowley vol. 1
    I sat there, on the edge of oblivion waiting for change. One nudge over the side and I could be free. I could finally know peace. I decided. IContinue reading “Frank & Crowley vol. 1”
  • Enter [RETURN]
    The devil sets his game I play Knowingly, Willingly Waiting for him to err I’m patient I can wait for eternity But that is the trap Stalemate in purgatory
  • Renewed Insanity
    I, the pessimistic liar  And teller of tales  Beg you, the reader  To go no further I once was a man who could conjure Great and powerful prose ButContinue reading “Renewed Insanity”
  • Pinot Noir
    With an endless supply of wine and creative imagination One can accomplish anything World domination, Murder, Peace for all man kind The possibilities are limitless Only limited by theContinue reading “Pinot Noir”

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