Frank & Crowley vol. 2

Frank: Human
Crowley: Demon

“Crowley, let me ask you a very important question.”
“Sure thing Frank.”
“It’s very important.”
“Frank, you do realize i’m an actual demon from Hell possessing your body right now, right?”
“Yes I do. I know this of course. I assure you, I truly understand.”
“Okay Frank, what is your question?”
“What kind of ice cream do you like?”
“What is wrong with you Frank? Any other human would be freaking out right now but you’re asking me about my favorite ice cream. Oh I have done it now, the first human I possess turns out to be a crazy person! All the other demons in Hell, will never let me live this down.”
“So this is your first time possessing someone?

….to be continued 

Frank & Crowley vol. 1

I sat there, on the edge of oblivion waiting for change. One nudge over the side and I could be free. I could finally know peace. I decided. I was going to jump but then I started hearing a deafening boom in my mind.
“Frank, you must let me in. I can take away all the pain. I can heal you and make you whole again.”
This must be an angel I thought. Who else would say such things? Who else would want to help me.  “I’ll do it”, I said. “I’ll let you in”
“Good Frank! That’s it, I can feel your pain. Your hurt! I can feel your soul and it is all MINE! Foolish mortal, you’ve let a demon inside of you and now I control you.”
“Oh, okay. Cool. I’ve been really lonely for a long time.”
“Frank, I don’t think you understand. I am not here to help you or heal you. I am here to possess your body and soul. You will go to Hell after I am through with you.”
“It’s fine, I’m just glad I have a friend now.”
“b-but you will go to Hell for all of eternity.”
“I know, most of my friends are there anyway”
“Frank, did you do this on purpose. Did you trick me into possessing you?”
I sheepishly say, “No.”

….to be continued 

Renewed Insanity

I, the pessimistic liar 
And teller of tales 
Beg you, the reader 
To go no further

I once was a man who could conjure
Great and powerful prose
But as of late
Warped by a powerful haze
I grew ill

A sickness of the mind
I, became sane with normality

Never fear, for I am a master of mind
Meddling with academic lessons
I’m on my way to perfecting my craft
Honing the skills that some supernatural being cursed me with

Though I do not dare dance with devils anymore
I do however, aim to make them fear my name