Karaline Devine



She had fire in her eyes
And hate in her heart
Had been wronged
Some dumb soul had darkened this woman’s eyes
Though she didn’t set out for revenge
Revenge sought her out
Presenting her with a gift of happenstance

Between the thin line of madness and sanity
She existed
With all the fire and fury a woman could be
She rained down Hell on those whose hearts were dead

In the infinite verse of life
One thing comes to mind I find
Trouble not the hearts nor mind 
Of those who you spend time

Cheap Wine and Cheap Words-Poetry(If that’s what you want to call it) I’ll call it garbage!

He writes on the white paper
Fighting the urge to run away
The story pours onto the page like a bad memory
Scribbling lines of misery
He ties together a sentence with a plea
He leaves the note beside his bed
Freeing his life to be who he wants to be- nobody


The Mask of Modern Vanity


And all that we are is desire
Waiting to be unleashed
Awakened from the slumber of civility

She masquerades in plain sight
Wearing only the thin mask of modern vanity
What we all wear to hide our own insanity

I lust after words combined, lined to make an idea so fine- it blinds. That is living. In the moment of feeling, I breath the fire! Once upon another life, I was an artist. This is my accursed blessing. Pay no mind to a wanna be Bukowski! Set me ablaze, light me afire, set me free of this painful desire!


Looking out a window
I stare-not knowing what I’m looking at

Pigeons scatter for no reason
Other than to cause a ruckus

What kind of city is this
Its heart lost to the sandy despair of the homeless

Forgotten roots of mediocre beginnings
I think this city needs a washing
An epic cleansing that brings life anew
In a wave of contemporary resurgence
Highlighting the cerebral poetry of life