Dusty Memories

What a great big mess we are.
Humans. People.
Anyone with half a soul.
We fumble around in the darkness of our existence,
without true aim. We see our time here as infinite,
when it’s so obviously not.
When the Earth takes back what is hers,
we will be remembered as the long winded plague
that refused to compromise.

Theseus’s Ship

When I was seven
 I played cars in the dirt
When I was fourteen
 I played basketball on a team
When I was twenty-one
 I played chance with my life
When I was not quite twenty-eight
 I played board games with my wife
If we are supposed to fundamentally change 
 Every seven years
Then why am I always playing games

A Recurring Hell

I was in a  dark room
In the middle of nothing
and no where
I casually looked around
Reaching into the emptiness
With my mind
I felt such a weight
Like a hangover in mid summer
I only now realized this was a dream
I’ve been here before and I KNOW
What’s coming
I run
To get a head start
Soon as I think it
It’s there chasing me
The massive mirrored sphere
But instead of my reflection
There is only dread projecting from its massiveness
It towers over me
Threatening a fate far worse than death
I see the door to consciousness nearing
But the act is pointless
Just as I turn around to face my doom
I wake up sweating and panicked
Afraid to go back to sleep