Mouthing Dust

Kevin Westphal:

A poem I wrote in February.

Originally posted on Kevin Westphal:

I forgot the sweet agony of life
Too many days wasted away
Content on wallowing around in my own filth
Mastering the art of passing time
In a haze of forgetfulness
I struggle to remember
What it used to be like
Weaving the words of man
Arranging letters into words
And words into a beautiful weave of broken sticks
That’s not right
It’s a different word
A more…amor…
Ethereal verse
Bent on becoming a siren’s song

I mustn’t regress
I don’t like being a wordless fool
Mouthing empty sounds
Like a cheap mime
Wracking my illiterate brain
Into a stupor of incoherent thought
Bound and determined to produce
An honest line without rhyme
Can it be done in time
Seuss may have my neck in a noose
If I reproduce his rhyme time lines
But I find
If I exercise my little mind
It’s easier to align
With writers…

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Adrenaline Fiend

I existed only in the moment of madness
I flourished in the busy busy
Carrying on a simultaneous conversation with a literal madman and the police
Was nothing to me
Getting kicked in the face by a 7 foot tall ex-basketball player with dementia
Was just another day
Greeting each and every person with a smile but inwardly cursing their superficial intentions
Was dull but manageable
It’s when I sit, watching the same nothing over and over
That’s when I die
That’s when I stop existing